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HKD Snowmakers is a North American company that manufactures and supplies energy-efficient snowmaking technology. Our team is driven by the demand for performance, operational ease, longevity, and the fundamental economics of snowmaking. Our innovative product line includes the HKD Impulse, HKD fan gun, and HKD KLIK hydrants. HKD Snowmakers also offers a full range of engineering and system planning solutions.

Brief History

HKD was born of the fundamental need for ski resort operators to ensure quality, cost effective snow coverage for their customers. Herman Dupré, of Seven Springs in Pennsylvania, recognized that the success of his resort was directly connected to a dependable snow surface. He was determined to find a more efficient and economical method to produce snow.

In 1973, Mr. Dupré applied for the first of his many snowmaking patents. Over the next seventeen years, he continued to experiment and improve upon this nascent technology. In 1990, all the science, research, and testing resulted in a snowgun that was ready for wider release.

Mr. Dupré partnered with his son in-law Charles Santry and daughter Anni to form Snow Economics / HKD Snowmakers in 1991. Their first product, the "HKD Standard" became the most transformative snow gun used by resorts industrywide. Ian Jarrett, a college friend of Charles', joined the company in 1992 as Vice President. "HKD" has now become synonymous with low energy tower guns.

In 2011 HKD merged with Turbocristal, a fan snowgun manufacturer with a strong team of engineers and manufacturing personal headquartered in Quebec City, Canada. This combination added management expertise, supplemented the product line with the HKD Turbo Fan, and increased engineering and R&D capabilities. HKD Snowmakers is now the leading manufacturer of snowmaking technology in North America.

Research and development remains the passion and lifeblood of HKD Snowmakers. Our team carries on the tradition of continuous product advancement, with the ultimate goal of improving the snowmaking efficiencies for our resort clients.

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