The HKD Snowmaking Syndicate is the ultimate conduit to connect you with HKD and other snowmakers. The HKD Snowmaker's Forum and social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and Youtube are the tools used to make the connection. The Syndicate provides a platform to learn, explore and network with other devout snowmakers that share a maniacal passion for making snow. Get Connected!

Snowmaker's Forum

Here you'll get the inside scoop from HKD and other snowmakers on operating and maintaining your HKD equipment. It's also the place to learn what other snowmaking departments are using for gear like headlamps, helmets and boots. The more we share and communicate, the more successful we'll be on the mountain.


Consider our Facebook page your online break room. It's a place for like-minded folks to connect, socialize, and share photos and videos of the stuff we love to do. We'll keep you updated on all things HKD and dazzle you with entertaining contests and offers for SWAG. Make great snow and spread the word.


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