Herman K. Dupré

Engineer Emeritus
Herman is a co-founder of HKD. His life passions are the ski industry and his family. Herman and his wife Sis raised 9 daughters (really), while operating Seven Springs Resort in PA. Herman is the legend behind the transformative snowmaking innovation known as the HKD Standard Tower Snowgun, which was brought to market in 1990.

Charles Santry

Charles is a co-founder of HKD. He leads the organization and participates in sales, R & D, and manufacturing. He's an alumnus of St. Lawrence University and has his MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth. He loves sports, enjoys the outdoors, and is a proud father of four. Ask Charles about how to build a tree house or backyard rink.

Ian Jarrett

Vice President  
Ian is an original member of HKD and had the pleasure of climbing creosote poles back when they were used to support the first HKD towers. IOR, as we call him, graduated from St. Lawrence and received his MBA from Clarkson. He oversees sales and marketing. When away from HKD, IOR is a family man and can be found on the sidelines coaching youth soccer and lacrosse.


Anni Dupré Santry

VP Finance
Anni keeps the family at HKD in check. She graduated from Dartmouth College with a BA in History and Economics. Prior to starting HKD, she owned and operated several retail stores in Faneuil Hall, Boston and Hanover, NH. Anni and her husband Charles have three boys and a girl. She loves to read and ride horses, but not at the same time.

Mark Horton

VP Automation  
Mark is responsible for KLIK automation, sales in the Northeast, and the HKD experience. He's a serial entrepreneur and survived (barely) the dotcom bubble as the co-founder of the action sports web site Fusion.com. When he's not thinking snow or skiing on it, Mark can be found enjoying Lake Champlain with his wife and two children.

Charles Lavoie

Vice President  
Charles oversees the HKD factory in Quebec, as well as, project planning, construction management, and international sales. He has an engineering degree from Laval University and a master's degree in environmental engineering from Sherbrooke University. Away from HKD you'll find Charles cycling, skiing or kite surfing.


Martin Parent

Sales Manager, Quebec  
Martin has been immersed in the ski business since 1977. In 1991, he started EMP, a snowmaking distributor that sold and serviced HKD products. After the merger between HKD and Turbocristal, Martin joined team HKD Turbo to manage all sales efforts in Quebec. He's a menace on the racetrack, whether on a super bike or go-kart.

Scott Gunnell

Southeast Sales & Tech Support
Scott joined HKD in 2013. He spent seven years as the Snowmaking & Slopes Manager at Wintergreen Resort, VA. Scott joined the vendor side in 2011 and has had a continued focus on automation ever since. When he isn't working on the mountain, he spends time with his wife and two children in Virginia, and builds furniture from scratch.

Robert Stott

Western Sales Manager
Rob, or Snow Bob as he's known, joined HKD in 1995. Rob began his snowmaking career in the 1970s at Hunter Mountain, NY and was on the snowmaking crew responsible for the 1980 Winter Olympic Games at Lake Placid. Forget about Kevin Bacon; it should be Six Degrees of Rob Stott.


Phil Van Why

Western Sales & Tech Support
Phil is a master electrician and technology fanatic at heart. He's also a former police officer. Relax snowmakers; he's retired. Phil is responsible for service and tech support in the West and he manages the HKD Parts Department. Phil and his wife, Brooke, have 4 young boys who keep them hopping.

Ben Siefert

Western Sales & Tech Support
Ben joined HKD in 2015. Prior to joining HKD, Ben worked six years with Techno Alpin, focussing on snowmaking automation and fan and tower gun technical support. Ben has skied since the age of 3 and is a committed and passionate outdoor enthusiast. On occasion he can be found at “Thirsty Thursdays” in Park City, discussing the various details of snowmaking strategy.

Nate Ringquist

Northeast Sales & Tech Support
Most of us mowed lawns as a teen but not Nate. He was running a snowcat at Wachusett Mountain. He later jumped to snowmaking and hasn't looked back. Nate joined HKD in 2017, after gaining experience in all aspects of Low-E snowmaking. He rips on a bike and skis, and relishes his time in the Green Mountains with his wife and 2 daughters.


Sophie Allen

Digital Media Manager  
Sophie joined the HKD team in 2013. She has a Bachelor's from St Lawrence, majored in Art History and French. Sophie grew up riding horses competitively and has been Nordic skiing since she could walk. Sophie works on all aspects of HKD marketing and is the conduit between HKD and the digital world.

Gordon Santry

Sales & Tech Support  
Gordon joined the HKD team in 2017 for tech support, sales, and service. In warmer months, Gordon runs HKD Blue, a division of HKD that utilizes our snowmaking technology for environmental purposes. Gordon loves playing sports, and can usually be found watching the Patriots on Sundays with his boss.

Jean-Philippe Lacasse

VP Operations
JP is in charge of production and quality control at our Quebec factory, including material sourcing, purchasing, and logistics. JP keeps the gears of our factory turning. He has a Mechanical Engineering Degree from Laval University, is the father of four, an accomplished carpenter, and enjoys time on the snow with his family.

Michaël Lachance

VP Engineering
Michaël joined the HKD Team in 2014 as project manager in engineering, R&D and construction. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from École de technologie supérieure (ETS). He has previously been involved at many levels in various industrial projects. He enjoys skiing, playing hockey and having good times with his family.

Clermont Labrecque

Clermont has worked with the company since 1988. He holds a Certificate in Administration from Laval University. He is responsible for the financial operations of HKD Turbo in Quebec. When not at the plant, Clermont loves the outdoors and spends time with his family, particularly his 5 grandchildren.

Joël Cloutier

Mechanical Designer  
Joël is based in Quebec and is our mechanical designer. He handles the mechanical drawing needs for production as well as our R & D initiatives. He also supervises snowmaking installations. He likes to snowboard and mountain bike with his family.


Max Duplain


Mechanical Engineering Technician
Max oversees the HKD Module department, product assembly quality and the Parts/Service departement at our Quebec factory. He's also our in-house video and Photoshop guru. When not spending time with his 3 kids, Max is surely engaged in some activity involving high speed.

Mathieu Hébert

Mechanical Designer
Mathieu is a technician in mechanical engineering. He is a designer supervised by Joel for research and development of new products. When he is not drafting or testing new product, he is playing music in his band or training for a karate competition.

Jean Daniel Drapeau

Electrical Engineering Technologist
Jean Daniel Drapeau (JD) joined us in 2014 to complement our team of automation experts. JD is an electrical engineer and is committed to pushing the boundaries of snowmaking automation, controls and electrical engineering. JD is always ready to jump behind the wheel of any vehicle with horsepower and speed, and never turns down a good meal.


Maxime Béliveau

Senior Project Manager - Automation
Max joined our team in June 2018 after more than 10 years in the marine automation business. Striving for a new challenge, he discovers that snow is the new water!! Max's addition to our team is another step forward for HKD in becoming the snowmaking automation leader. He likes to spend time with his family, making maple syrup and whisky tasting.

Andre-Pierre Cloutier

Special Project Manager
AP is in charge of new products development and system integration for HKD since 2018. He has a Mechanical Engineering Degree from "École de Technologies Supérieure (ETS)" He is passionate by nature, mechanic and motorcycles. When he isn't working at the factory, you can find him shredding the backcountry on skis or mountain bike.

Nicolas Bédard

Always looking for ‘The deal’ Nicolas joined the team in 2018 as a buyer. He graduated from Laval University in engineering and has been a member of the l’Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec since 2003. Nicolas likes to keep an eye on the global economy as well as financial and stock markets. He loves movies, music, sports and cars in his spare time.

Nicole Bilodeau

Administrative Assistant
Nicole handles day-to-day logistics at the Quebec Factory since 2004. She keeps the team well organized and on track. Ask Nicole's son Christian what he would like to be and guess what he will answer - "A Snowmaker".

Eric Rioux

R&D Engineer
Eric has an engineering degree from the University of Hartford. He has designed everything from prosthetic knees to counter measures for heat seeking missiles. Eric owns a milling machine and has built a few parts for HKD as well as his own injection mold for a pet project he has yet to launch. He's an accomplished figure skater and competes internationally.

Jean Pinault

Vice President of Development
Jean Pinault is a mechanical engineer familiar with industrial processes, equipment design and market development. He is a recognized leader, designer and problem solver. In addition to various other jobs for major engineering firms, he founded and ran his own firm for 10 years. He was an associate owner of Turbocristal as VP Engineering and R & D for several years. Jean is VP of Development for the industrial division of HKD Snowmakers, HKD Blue.


HKD Manufacturing Team, Quebec, Canada

Our Factory Team in Quebec is an outstanding group of hard working and talented welders, electricians, machinists, and assembly experts that take tremendous pride in the quality and performance of HKD products. Meet our crew:


Clement Tremblay

Specialty welder and team leader
Clement joined the company in 1985. He is our living reference of all Turbo snowmaking products and always has a solution to critical problems in the plant or field. If you want to learn the real stuff on snowmaking, spend some après ski with Clement.

Daniel Fillion

Mechanic and assembly team leader
Daniel has been with us since 1992 and has assembled thousands of fan guns with our team of mechanics. A former ATV racer, Dan is speeding up the assembly process with perfect tuning of the HKD Turbo fans.

Frank Lepage

Snowmaking product assembly
Fan central module, Impulse head, SV10, Klik hydrant, S-valve... you name it, Frank can build it all. He is one of our assembly gurus and keeps a close eye on the quality of HKD snowmaking products.


Jérôme Gagnon

Specialty welder
Jérôme is a talented artist working on all our aluminum and stainless steel welding needs. He has the "eyes of the tiger" tattooed all over his arms.

Mathieu Tremblay

Snowmaking product assembly
Mat graduated as a mechanics technician with 15 years of experience in manufacturing. He joined the team in 2012. His concern for the details and product quality makes him an excellent asset for our assembly team.

Maxime Desgagné

Known as "little Max", he is the fastest welder in the factory and the fastest go-kart racer on the HKD Turbo team. Seriously, he rips on a go-kart.

Simon Carbonneau

Simon is a skilled professional welder who joined the team in 2011. He is a happy guy who is always smiling. He is a positive source of motivation for all on the welding team.

Steve Mercier

Product Assembly
Steve graduated with a degree in industrial engineering in 2001 and has worked in a variety of industries including forestry, textile and ammunition. Steve has been with HKD since 2014 and has been involved with all aspects of assembly for both the air / water equipment as well as fan guns. Steve is an avid skier and has coached alpine ski racing for 22 years at Le Relais Ski Club in Quebec.

Joey Carrier

Electrical & Mechanical
Joey joined HKD in 2015 and wears many hats. He is highly skilled in automation and electronics and likes to roll up his sleeves and assist customers in the field with installations and technical support. In his free time, Joey can be found at home, working on home improvement projects.


Raymond Lefebvre

Mechanical Assembly
Raymond has been with HKD since 2014. He is a great addition to the assembly team. He enjoys music, the outdoors and is a Troop Leader for the Boy Scouts.

Cedric Herrmann

Mechanical Assembly
Cedric is a technician in telecommunication and really loves everything that is connected with electronics. He was hired in 2018 to work on the new control panel section of HKD and he's ready to take on this challenge. Cedric is a great athlete, he’s been a snowboarder for over 15 years and he rides his mountain bike during summer.