In 2016, six crews made it clear that snowmaking is a team effort and filled with peaks and valleys. This year, we're expanding on that concept and calling on ALL snowmakers to get involved and participate in the 2017 I AM a Snowmaker. On every Tuesday for 16 weeks, HKD will announce the Theme of the Week. The challenge: to submit through Instagram, your best photo that captures our theme as it relates to you and your snowmaking experience. Weekly winners will be announced on HKD and SAM Magazine's social media and mailed a care package with I AM a Snowmaker swag - and of course receive props and goodwill from the global community of snowmakers for entertaining us all.

Ready to submit for this week? Go to HKD’s Instagram to discover the Theme of the week.
1. Use the hashtag of the week and #IAmASnowmaker to submit your photo on Instagram.

2. Tag 'hkdsnowmakers' to guarantee your photo is entered! Scroll down to see the winners from previous weeks.

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