KLIK Hydrant Technology

The HKD KLIK hydrant is a game changer for snowmakers. In a 12-hour snowmaking window, an HKD KLIK manual hydrant can boost snowmaking production by as much as 54%, when compared to using traditional hydrants and hoses and an HKD tower. The gain is closer to 81% for KLIK automation. This significant improvement is achieved by eliminating the time consuming step of hooking up, and unhooking, air and water hoses at each hydrant.

HKD Snowmaking Hose

HKD Snowmaking Hose is durable, lightweight, flexible, and guaranteed to withstand the harshest snowmaking environments. HKD Snowmaking Hose is not fire hose. Our hose is specifically designed and tested for snowmaking and is the only snowmaking hose available with iReflect technology. HKD Snowmaking hose is proudly manufactured in Canada with only the finest materials. Product Specifications. HKD snowmaking hose is also available for high pressure snowmaking systems with an operating pressure of 650 psi. Product Specifications

Traditional Snowmaking Hydrants

HKD offers traditional snowmaking hydrants for surface and buried pipelines and the required spare parts to service them.

Camlock Adapters and Hose Fittings

HKD offers extruded aluminum alloy and hard-coat anodized fittings for snowguns, hydrants, and snowhoses. The fittings are designed for strength, durability and safety and include stainless steel cam arms and pins. Our fittings and spare parts can be viewed and purchased in the HKD Parts Store.

Portable Sleds

The HKD S-series Sled is designed to increase the utility of a 10 or 15 foot HKD air water tower gun. The HKD sled is constructed of high-grade aluminum for strength and durability and utilizes a convenient tow bar for easy hook ups and transport behind an ATV, snowmobile or snowcat. The HKD sled has a receiver hitch that allows multiple sleds to be connected together and towed simultaneously. The HKD sled has four brakes to secure it during operation.

Tower and Post Padding

HKD tower and post pads are cut from high quality, waterproof closed-cell foam that's wrapped in a high visibility PVC outer jacket. Our pads are specifically designed for the HKD S-bracket and Millennium bracket. HKD also offers padding for fan gun towers, portable sleds, and electrical pedestals.

Electrical Pedestals

HKD offers CSA approved electrical pedestals that are designed for fan guns and air/water tower guns. The pedestals are constructed of durable steel and are available in 3-pole and 4-pole configurations and up to 600 Volts AC, with circuit breaker ratings from 30 Amp to 100 Amp - 5 kAIC to 20 kAIC.

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