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Built in North America, used Worldwide

HKD Snowmakers is a North American based company that manufactures and supplies energy-efficient snowmaking technology. The HKD team is driven by the demand for performance, operational ease, and reliability. Our innovative product line includes air/water, fan, automation technology and system control software. HKD Snowmakers also offers a full range of engineering and system planning solutions.


HKD Snowmakers


Herman K. Dupré (HKD) and his wife “Sis” raised 9 daughters in the alpine environment of South Western PA at the family owned Seven Springs Mountain resort.  Skiing was their livelihood and Herman understood early on that snow was critical to the resort’s success.

An environmentalist at heart, Herman developed the original HKD technology with economy and efficiency in mind.  In 1973 he applied for his first of many snowmaking patents, and began employing the technology about the mountain at Seven Springs.  Today Seven Springs can pump over 25,000 GPM into snow, assuring snow cover in the toughest of seasons.

HKD Snowmakers


By 1990, Herman had refined his science, research and testing to the point that it was ready for the market at large. Herman’s son-in-law Charles Santry (married to daughter Anni) a geology major with environmental interests proposed to start a business marketing this innovative technology.   Thus, HKD Snowmakers was born and the "HKD Standard” was introduced to the industry and quickly became the most transformative snowgun used by resorts industry wide.

HKD Snowmakers


Since inception, HKD has continued to develop new, innovative snowmaking technology.  R&D is the lifeblood of HKD. Additionally, HKD has expanded through acquisition by merging with Canadian fan manufacturer Turbocristal in 2011 which added fan technology to the product line, included a full manufacturing plant, and expanded HKD’s engineering and R&D capabilities.  In 2018, HKD acquired iSno, the Controls and Automation division of Sno-Matic in Lyme, NH. This acquisition allowed HKD to further expand and develop automation technologies to further streamline snowmaking operations.

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