WeSnow, all-temperature snow machines, guarantee snow production in any climate. WeSnow machines are used to supplement traditional snowmaking systems to ensure snow coverage and also operate as standalone machines for snow production in regions that desire snow but lack freezing temperatures.

WeSnow has perfected the Crushed Ice System technology and freezes water without any additives. The snow that is produced is 100% frozen and doesn’t require time to drain or cure. WeSnow machines are ideal for stockpiling snow or simply to get a jump on your snowmaking season.

WeSnow manufactures three machines, the WS70, WS100, WS130. The number after the WS references the cubic meters of snow produced in a 24-hour shift.

The WeSnow technology uses multiple ice generators per machine, allowing for maximum production, and redundancy if needed. Once the crystals are generated, they fall into a hopper, and then high-powered blowers launch the snow up to 200’ from the WeSnow machine. The WeSnow distribution method reduces ice jams and forced shutdowns and allows for around-the-clock production. Hoses are connected to multiple discharge outlets, increasing the distribution of snow around the machine.

The WeSnow machines are powered by software that allows for local, remote, or fully automated control of the machine. The user interface is purpose-built and developed in-house by WeSnow engineers. All phases of snow production and service are monitored and controlled from WeSnow software.

Additionally, WeSnow machines can be upgraded to recapture the energy created from snow production and returned to buildings in the form of heat using hot water.

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