iSno Controls Automation

iSno has set the standard for machine room controls and automation software, and is designed to fit most snowmaking budgets. Resorts can start with monitoring pumps, compressors and weather stations and scale into more advanced controls and automation as needed. iSno is the backbone of snowmaking operations, and relied upon by ski areas of all sizes, from family run to some of the world's largest and most powerful systems. Please reach out to HKD Snowmakers to learn how iSno can work for you.


All of the essential tools and services to monitor components that are vital to your snowmaking system, including pumps, compressors, cooling towers, valve stations, flow meters, pressure sensors, weather stations and electric meters. All data is recorded and available through intuitive reports that allow managers to make informed and accurate decisions that positively impact the bottom line.


Machine Room Controls & Automation

Our team specializes in PLC control for pumps and compressors. Our goal, to simplify your operation through sequencing VFD's and pressure control, and extend the life for your big-ticket items in the pump house. The result is a safer and more efficient operating environment for your snowmakers.



Think of the Tracker as your 'Digital Grease Board.' It's our software package that delivers a visual overview of your mountain with real-time status of machine rooms, snowguns and weather stations. The Tracker optimizes snow-plan meetings and improves snowmaker comprehension through visual engagement. Zoom in to view individual gun flows, cumulative hours, and temperature data for better management of snow production, maintenance and overall plant operations. Snow depth management tools from the leading grooming companies are also compatible with the Tracker.


Snowgun Automation

Snowmaking automation comes in many shapes and sizes. iSno has the ability to automate entire machine rooms including pumps and compressors, as well as snowguns on the hill. Our open architecture is vendor neutral and allows the iSno platform to communicate and interface with snowguns from all manufacturers.



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