Number Cruncher

HKD Number Cruncher

HKD Number Cruncher

Welcome to the System Energy Analysis Page

Learn how HKD Technology can reduce your snowmaking energy costs while increasing the productivity of your snowmaking system.

To access the HKD Number Cruncher, please fill in the requested information below then select the type of terrain for which you want to calculate snowmaking cost.

By filling in the requested data in the Analysis Assumptions on the following page, we can generate an estimate of your Acre Foot Energy Cost using HKD SV10 Impulse Technology, Fan Gun Technology, or conventional air/water snowguns. This data includes terrain length and width, energy cost, and average depth of snow made on that terrain.

This Calculator will also provide you with an Operating Cost Estimate for that terrain, a Capital Cost comparison for the three different technologies, as well as a Payback Analysis comparing the installation of HKD SV10 Towers to Fan Technology on this terrain. Finally, we will provide a System Productivity Analysis, which will display how you can maximize your water pumping capacity with the minimum amount of compressed air. To have a copy of these results emailed back to you, just click the “Send me a copy” button.

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