Four flow, proven technology, and snow quality. The original Impulse with 4 flows has become the workhorse in our gun line up and can be optimized through KLiK hydrants and automation.

Five flow, on-board compressor and portable: Energy efficient sled gun that utilizes a 7.5 HP compressor to make snow where you need it most. Tows comfortably behind an ATV or snowcat and available as a fixed tower.

Starting and stopping a KLiK hydrant is as quick and easy as turning the handle to the desired position—no more hooking up or disconnecting hoses. This feature can boost snowmaking production by as much as 192%, while reducing snowmaker injuries, when compared to traditional hydrants and hoses.

KLiK hydrants can be automated to optimize all variables of snowmaking and maximize the performance and output of HKD snowguns. Automatically control and monitor your snowguns from any device without dispatching snowmakers and snowmobiles. KLiK hydrants are designed for above ground and buried pipe.

WeSnow, all-temperature snow machines, guarantee snow production in any climate. WeSnow machines are used to supplement traditional snowmaking systems to ensure snow coverage, and also operate as standalone machines for snow production in regions that desire snow but lack freezing temperatures.

HKD offers a full range of snowmaking equipment to simplify your shopping and service experience.

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