HKD Snowmakers

Tower and Post Padding

HKD tower and post pads are cut from high quality, waterproof closed-cell foam that's wrapped in a high visibility PVC outer jacket. Our pads are specifically designed for the HKD S-bracket and Millennium bracket. HKD also offers padding for fan gun towers, portable sleds, and electrical pedestals.

HKD Snowmakers

Electrical Pedestals

HKD offers CSA approved electrical pedestals that are designed for fan guns and air/water tower guns. The pedestals are constructed of durable steel and are available in 3-pole and 4-pole configurations and up to 600 Volts AC, with circuit breaker ratings from 30 Amp to 100 Amp - 5 kAIC to 20 kAIC.

HKD Snowmakers

Traditional Snowmaking Hydrants

HKD offers traditional snowmaking hydrants for surface and buried pipelines and the required spare parts to service them.

HKD Snowmakers


HKD Snowmaking Hose is durable, lightweight, flexible, and guaranteed to withstand the harshest snowmaking environments.
HKD Snowmaking Hose is not fire hose.

Our hose is specifically designed and tested for snowmaking and is the only snowmaking hose available with iReflect technology.
HKD Snowmaking hose is proudly manufactured in Canada with only the finest materials.

It is also available for high-pressure snowmaking systems with an operating pressure of 650 psi. Our hose can be viewed and purchased in our HKD store.

HKD Snowmakers


HKD offers hard anodized extruded aluminum alloy adapters for snow guns, hydrants and snow hoses.

The connectors are designed for strength, durability and safety and are fitted with stainless steel locks. Our connectors and parts can be viewed and purchased in our HKD store


HKD Snowmakers


HKD offers three mobility options the S-Sled, the Viper Sled and the Viper Tripod.They are all made of high quality aluminum which makes them extremely light and durable.

The S-Sled and Viper Sled are equipped with a convenient tow bar for easy hook-up and transport behind an ATV, snowmobile and groomer. The Viper tripod is stable with telescoping legs for leveling on slopes and is foldable for easy transport by a snowmaker.



HKD offers both the Conventional Boom and the KLiK Boom which allows you to open and maintain your narrow terrain with precision and ease.  The HKD Boom is constructed from galvanized steel and has the ability to be pivoted into the track from a fixed post, project up or down, and be raised or lowered.

When not in use, the Boom HKD can be swiveled off the trail for added safety and convenience, paving the way for snow plows and skiers.

All HKD air/water and KLiK technologies can be used with the 12ft Boom. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

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