Nomination Period Begins for the 2016 I Am a Snowmaker Award


Natick, Mass., October, 2015 — SAM Magazine and HKD Snowmakers have opened the nominating period for the 2016 I AM a Snowmaker Award. For the first time, the award will recognize snowmaking teams, not individuals, and nominations are open to all.
SAM and HKD Snowmakers joined forces in November 2013 to recognize six outstanding snowmakers from mountain resorts across North America. These unsung heroes were asked to share their stories—their hardships, their successes, and their passion—and that one moment that made them say, “I want to be a snowmaker.”

This year, the Award is being expanded to recognize five standout snowmaking crews from mountain resorts across North America. The common thread between past I AM nominees was teamwork. This new twist will further emphasize the importance of the team and camaraderie in the snowmaking profession. There’s no “I” in “snowmaker,” after all.

Each of the five nominated crews will be tasked with making a video that highlights why it is second only to Mother Nature when it comes to making snow. Teasers for these videos will be released throughout the snowmaking season. The full videos will be released in March. Then, the mountain resort community will vote on its favorites, and the 2016 I AM a Snowmaker Award will be announced in early April.

To nominate your snowmaking crew, please send a brief description to Sophie Allen ([email protected]), describing the unique attributes and unmatched passion and pride that your snowmaking team exhibits.

The nomination period will close October 16. All resorts are encouraged to participate.

HKD Snowmakers is a North American company that manufactures and supplies energy-efficient snowmaking technology. To find out more about HKD Snowmakers visit

SAM Magazine is the trade publication for the mountain resort industry and has been in publication for over 50 years. To find out more about SAM Magazine visit

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