The HKD Impulse is the low energy, high performance workhorse in our tower gun line up with 4 water flows. It incorporates our patented Variable Airflow Technology to deliver stellar snow quality at high temperatures, and big production with minimal air consumption at cold temperatures. The revolutionary airflow adjustment capability of the Impulse allows for snowmaking performance and efficiencies unattainable by competing products. The Impulse is unlike any other low-e gun on the market.

The Impulse also employs our Rotary Valve Technology making the sequential shift from stage to stage easy to understand, while simplifying operation and maintenance.

Stages one and two increase water flow, while stages three and four further increase water flow and eliminate air flow to the top four nucleators, dropping the CFM by as much as 85%. The Impulse can be tower mounted or operated on our Viper Sled or Tripod, or trailside boom mount.

HKD Snowmakers

HKD Snowmakers


Height:10, 20, 30 ft / 3, 6, 9 m
Weight: (without Bracket)50, 80, 120 lbs / 22, 36, 54 kg
Wet Bulb Start-Up: 28F / -2C
Water Flow: 16 - 80 gpm / 61 - 303 lpm
Minimum Water Pressure: 200 psi / 13 bar
Air Flow: 5 - 111 cfm / 8 - 189 m3/hr
Minimum Air Pressure: 85 psi / 6 bar
Throw: 30-125 ft / 9 - 38 m
Water Flow Stages:4 Stage
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