Intuitive Control

Equipment and sensors in iSno match the layout in your buildings.  And, important real time readings from those sensors help you orchestrate your operation.

Simple graphics help you on-board new employees faster, and doubles as a training tool for your crew.


The Digital Grease Board

HKD Snowmakers
Hydrant Management and Snowgun Control
Hydrant Management and Snowgun Control

View the real time status of every automated and manual snowgun from any device, anywhere with an internet connection or cell service.

Communicate with your team seamlessly across multiple shifts. And, Tracker automatically calculates flows and energy use.

Reporting and Analytics

Real time display of your key metrics.


Make data driven decisions to save money and improve operations.


View on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Open Architecture Principals

iSno Compatibilty

Open Architecture Principals

We operate with the philosophy of open software architecture, and have for over 20 years.

Vendor agnostic integrations allow you to manage your entire fleet of equipment from the hill to the pumphouse.  iSno easily plugs into a variety of vendors equipment and data services to deliver insightful management tools.  

We’ve operated this way for over 20 years, and have no plans to stop.

Secure your data

iSno uses industry standard encryption protocols. Two factor authentication, and token based requests ensure your data is only accessible by your employees and your devices.  

These security features apply to both iSno Cloud and Locally hosted deployments.

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