US Ski and Snowboard


US Ski & Snowboard supports athletes year-round, from those heading to the Olympics, to the young hopeful putting in the hours to improve. For both, it’s important to get enough training before the races and competitions start, and without snowmaking it would be difficult. Liz Stephen, a US Cross-Country Skier and Olympic Team member conveyed “without man-made snow, we would not have been able to compete to our fullest potential” and recounts that the team often trained on a path of white man made snow next to green grass.

Similarly, Abby Ringquist, a Ski Jumper for team USA notes that their first world cup is usually around December 1st. There’s minimal time to make the transition from training on porcelain and plastic to the feeling of snow, which is completely different. The goal is to minimize downtime. “Usually the one who can get on snow first is gonna be the one who is going to make it,” says Abby.

US Ski and Snowboard athletes often give their time to kids programs. It’s important to continue to grow the sport, and pass on their knowledge to the youth. HKD Snowmaking Systems guarantee continued training and competing for generations. Check out the full story here, (video link)

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