Fenway Big Air


Fenway Park, Boston, MA – February 2016 – On February 11th and 12th, freeskiers and snowboarders from around the world descended on Fenway Park for the Big Air event. Over 60 athletes tackled the 140 foot snow ramp, to compete in this latest high profile stop on the International Ski Federation’s (FIS) World Cup tour.

U.S. Ski Areas Association (USSA) called on HKD Snowmakers, Killington Snowmakers, Prinoth and the Fenway Park Crew to prepare the snow surface for the Big Air at Fenway event. Here’s a look at the snowmaking lineup that made it all happen:

  • Pitching –​(2) HKD Turbo Carriage Fans with Halo Modules
  • Second Base –​(1) Ultra Low-E Impulse R5 Viper on Sled
  • Shortstop –(1) Ultra Low-E Phazer on Tripod
  • First Base –​(2) 40HP HKD portable pumps
  • Outfield –​(1,400 ft) HKD Snowmaking Hose
  • Designated Hitters –​(2) Killington Snowmakers, Aaron and Will

Wish you could have been there? Scroll down through the following photos and video to take a peak at the process.

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