The HKD Halo V2 is simple, effective, and efficient. It shines in a wide range of snowmaking temperatures. The Halo V2 is available in manual or automatic, with the flexibility to be carriage or tower mounted.

The Halo V2 manual utilizes one valve, the HKD R-valve, to provide 8 stages of water flow. This allows snowmakers to fine tune flow based on desired snow quality. With 3 basic switches on the control panel (fan, compressor, spotlight), snowmaking couldn't be easier.

HKD Snowmakers

The Halo V2 automatic is the same platform as the manual, but the HKD R-valve is automated, and the panel includes an HMI touch screen and PLC. Our weather station, pressure sensor, and 350° range of programmable oscillation complete the automatic package. This makes for precise and intuitive operation locally from the HMI, or remotely with a wired or wireless connection through iSno.

Manual or automatic, the Halo V2 capitalizes on proven HKD technology to achieve maximum snow production, throw, and snow quality. The result, maximum trail count early season, and the peace of mind to rebuild or resurface terrain as needed.

HKD Snowmakers


Controls Manual or Auto
Start up Temp 28 deg F | -2 deg C
Water Flow: 20 - 120 gpm | 75 - 455 IPM
Projection: up to 250 ft | 75 m
Length: 80 in | 2030 mm
Width: 98 in | 2500 mm
Weight of Gun: 1800 lbs | 783 kg w/wheels
Oscillation: 350°
Chassis Options: Carriage, Tower
Voltage: 460 V | 600 V | 380 V
Frequency: 60 Hz | 60 Hz | 50 Hz
Compressor: 7.5 HP | 5.6 kW
Fan: 25 HP | 19 kW
Heating: 0.16 HP | 0.12 kW
Electrical cord: 100 ft. | 30 m
Water Pressure: 120 - 900 PSI | 8 - 62 Bar
Camlock Water Connection: 1.5 in. or 2 in. (with swivel coupling)
Nozzle: 30 nozzle configuration
Nucleators: 4
Warranty: 1 year
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