Energy efficient, high-yield snowguns designed for flexibility, simple operation and maintenance. The gold standard; mount an Air/Water tower every 80 feet, from the top of the lift to the bottom, for early openings and speedy recoveries. Air/Water snowguns are also available on portable sleds for increased utility.

Unmatched snow volume and throw. Tower fans are well suited to wide trails and base areas, while portable fans increase snowgun utility and deliver big production to multiple locations.


Boost snowmaking production up to 250% compared to traditional hydrants with designs that break the industry mold.  HKD Klik Hydrants and Fan Automation eliminate the time-consuming and dangerous steps of hooking and unhooking air and water hoses at each snowgun.


Check out our Factory Fridays series to learn how HKD technology is making the difference at snowmaking operations around the world. 

Founded on the fundamental economics of snowmaking

We are a North American based company that manufactures and supplies energy-efficient snowmaking technology. Our team is driven by the demand for performance, operational ease, and reliability. Our products include HKD air/water snowguns, HKD fan guns, KLiK hydrants, the Tracker, and iSno controls and automation. HKD Snowmakers also offers a full range of engineering and system planning solutions.

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